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Top 10 Reasons why your business needs a website

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Does your small business really needs a website? Yes!

Every business, whether big or small, shop owner or service provider, needs a website.

Building a website costs much less than what you think. Even a small local shop can own a website and grow his business online. Also, you don’t need any coding or designing knowledge to build a website.

Website doesn’t always means eCommerce or online shopping site, it’s about providing the things your customers are looking for. It can be a business site that acts like your digital business card. You can showcase information about your business, services, contact information, product catalogue/brochure and anything you want.

With around 100 million online consumer base in India, you are surely missing a lot of opportunities if your business doesn’t have a online presence. Your website is 24/7 available and it is one of the best way to advertise your business online for free.

With so many low priced website designing companies online, there is no excuse for not having a website.

Still not sure if you need a website for your business?

Here are the ten reasons why your business should definitely have a professional website.

  1. A website will add credibility to your small business:

Today, almost all customers search the internet before purchasing any product. If they do not find your brand, they will move on and look into your competitor’s brand in their website. Also, keeping your site fresh and updated is very essential. You will not be able to win your customer’s trust by providing outdated information on your website. Hence, a professional and updated website is very essential to build brand credibility.

  1. A website increases the reach of your business:

A website will help you connect with your potential customers from across the world. You can showcase your products and services to the world and sell them online directly through your website. This will not only give you a global exposure but also give a boost to your sales.

  1. Getting a website is lot more easier and cheaper than you think:

Many business owners initially think that they will not be able to afford a professional business website. This however is not the case. Though you have to pay the initial set up cost of building your website but that’s very affordable. A simple business website build up cost is even less than 5K. And once your website is up and running, you will only have to pay a nominal fee for website maintenance.

  1. You get a medium to showcase your products or services and improve sales:

A professional website can certainly help to improve your business sales figures. Customers can view all your products with their price, specification and offers while sitting at their place. Once the customers take a liking to your products they might even get influenced to buy them. A simple call to action button is all that you need in such cases. Customers can buy the products at just the click of a button. Thus, your business website will surely improve your sales figures.

  1. Your website is 24/7 accessible to your customers:

You don’t have to be available 24/7 to explain your products or services to your potential customers. A business website always keeps you connected with your customers and provide them with all the essential information. All your existing and potential customers can go through the website and view all products at any time of the day and on all days of the week. This surely makes you more accessible to your customers.

  1. Your business will get visibility in social media:

Social media is one the largest platforms to promote your business. Not having your business presence in social media is missing a lot of opportunities. And without a website you won’t be able to build trust among your audience. Hence your own business website is certainly important to advertise your business through social media. You can showcase your products/services, promote your blogs and get your brand visibility.

  1. Beautifully showcase each and every attractive point about your business:

A business website offers you ample scope and opportunity to provide more and more information to your customers. There is no space restriction once you have your own business website in place. You can add anything you want, right from services offered, about your company, policies, products, blogs, customer reviews, contact number, address etc. Hence you can surely provide a lot more information than you would be able to through any print ad, pamphlet, radio or TV promotion.

  1. A website saves a lot of your time and energy:

Your business website has everything that you want to convey to your customers to impress them. Thus, having a business website will surely save a lot of your time and energy explaining every small things to your customers. They can get find everything on their own through your website. Also, you no longer have to spend time in other forms of marketing like print ads, marketing, TV and the like.

  1. Your small business gets global exposure:

A website is accessible from any corner of the world. Your customers can come and visit your website anytime from anywhere, this gives you global exposure without any extra cost. Through your business website you get a perfect platform to showcase all your offerings to your potential customers. Hence, your business is not only confined to your local area but you get global recognition too.

  1. A website name is much easier to remember than your contact number

How many phone numbers you can actually remember? Not much, right? But it’s much easier to remember a shop name. Similarly, your website name is much easier for your customer to remember than your contact number or address. Thus, your website works as your online brochure which your customers can easily find online, anytime and open your site to contact you for their requirements.

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