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Terms of Service

This agreement is between MyWebMate and the person/company using any of our services mention in our website. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any of our products and services.

Customer Agreement

MyWebMate provides web designing and development, web hosting, email services, content writing, and social media marketing services. All customers should agree on all the terms and conditions stated below, prior to signing up for any services mention on MyWebMate.

Web Designing Terms

  • The client needs to provide us the mockup or any reference site to help us understand their taste and requirements. Depending on your requirements, our team will choose the best theme for your business.
  • If the client doesn’t have any mockup or reference site, then one of our team members will contact you to discuss your requirements and select the best theme for you. After finalizing everything, the website will be live within 7-15 business days.
  • After completion of the website, we will assign you one panel where you can mention up to 50 changes that you need in your website.
  • Customization doesn’t include redesigning of logo, theme, individual product image or installation of any plugins not recommended by us.
  • Once the logo is approved and finalized by the client, it won’t be changed further. However, the client can ask for changes on a chargeable basis.

Image/ banners and logo

We use only copyright-free images on the website with a little bit of editing. We don’t use copyright images to avoid any copyright issues. Also, we don’t make any customized banners, infographic images or do any photoshoot for your website.

The client may be asked to search for relevant and copyright-free images in some cases.
Follow this blog to search the images: What is Copyright free Image? How to Get Free Images Legally for your Website?

We create the website logo using the royalty free images/icons available on the internet. Customized logos can be done with an additional cost of 1500 INR per logo.

Once the final logo is approved and finalized by the client, no further changes will be done. However, for any further changes, the client needs to pay additional charges.


We offer free .com or .in domain name with all our eCommerce website building plans. Note here, that we cannot provide premium domain names or already purchased domain names as free with any of our plans.

Third Party Vendor

We often have to work with some third party vendors so it is important for our clients to understand and accept that when they accept our terms they automatically abide to accept the terms of those third party vendors too.

Website Design and Buildup in Free open source

  • We don’t provide any website mockup. Either the client needs to provide us with any reference site or we’ll show the reference website/pages to the client after understanding his requirements.
  • The final website will be delivered when it’s ready. Before completion, the website won’t be shown to the client when it’s in under the development phase.
  • After delivering the website the client can ask for any changes limited to one set of changes per week. The client or anyone on behalf of the client needs to enter the details of changes to be done on our CRM (we’ll share the login).
  • The possibilities of requested changes to be decided only by our team.
  • We build the website using the free open source script. We are not bound to create the website in core php or any paid/non-paid script. If the client wants their website to be built using any paid script then the client needs to provide that script before starting the contract with us.
  • We design the websites using the possible options given in the theme. We do not change the core coding or functionality of the theme.
  • The eCommerce website plan doesn’t include product listing. You need to list your products yourself or take our product listing service by making extra payment.
  • We provide only those functionalities that comes with the open source script and its theme. If the client wants to add some extra functionalities then he/she needs to discuss before placing the order because adding some extra functionalities may cost your extra.
  • We use free/demo/paid theme to build the website as per the client’s requirement. And in future, if the client wants to leave or cancel the subscription then he/she need to pay the cost of the theme (if it’s paid theme) to get the theme transferred. If the cost of the theme is not paid within 15 days of cancellation, then we reserve the right to transfer that theme to other customers. However, your website won’t get affected, only the theme will not be updated regularly.
  • We don’t build the websites in multisite mode. So, it can be transferred to the client on cancellation of subscription.
  • We use separate cPanel to live each of our client’s site so that one website doesn’t get affected due to the problems on other websites. However, we don’t provide the cPanel credentials to our clients till the continuation of their subscription period.

Basic Training

After completion of the website, we provide the basic training to the client (if required) for handling the website such as adding products, blogs, posts etc without any charge. We also provide training for some basic website functionalities.

Super Admin Rights

We do not provide access to the super admin or cPanel credentials during the subscription period. However, we can provide the credentials on request of the client but in such case, the client will be responsible for any problems in the site. In such a case, the client can still get our service to get their issues fixed on a chargeable basis.

We provide all the user rights and login details of the website to the client other than the Super Admin/Admin and cPanel credentials.

Domain Name Renewal

Price and Product Policy

  • The rate of hosting and domains are subject to change. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the price of hosting, domain, and other services.
  • The client needs to take care of their website database and contents. We are not responsible for any accidental deletion or disputes.

Payment Refund Policy

  • We can accept a Partial payment of 50%. However, the client must pay the remaining 50% at the time of website delivery before changes request phase by the client.
  • Payment to be made either in full advance before starting the work or in two installments. In case of installments, 50% of the agreed amount to be paid before we start working on your website and the remaining 50% to be paid within 3 days after delivery. The revision request period will start after the delivery.
  • We offer a 30-days refund policy, starting from the date we start working on the website. The client can ask for a refund anytime during this 30-day. We will refund the whole amount paid by the client after deduction 2500 INR for a setup fee and installation fee.
  • Our service plan charges can change without any prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to modify or change any of our terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to suspend the client’s account if the due amount is not paid as per our terms or before ending of the subscription period.
  • The subscribed client can request for regular small changes in their website such as changing banners, content, settings etc. without any additional charges. However, the client needs to provide the banner, content etc. to get it changed.
  • While designing the website, we will prepare the banner as per the theme. However, if the client has any specific banner requirements then he/she need to get the banner designed as per our size an resolution requirements and send to us. We can change the provided banner anytime on your request.
  • After completion of the site, we provide the login credentials to the client from where they can manage their entire site or store. We don’t provide super admin or admin access. However, if you need to make any design, style, settings or banner changes in your site, you can ask for them under point no. 4

Our Purpose

Our services help the users to easily create a highly functional, beautiful and strong online presence, to manage and promote their businesses, ideas, content and have a great overall experience doing so – without being a technical person or designing expert. We offer our users with a variety of services, tools, and feature for creating, using and publishing stunning websites, newsletters, social media marketing, eCommerce stores, media players, galleries, mobile apps, and other tools, applications, and services.

Billing Policy

  • Payment is accepted via net banking, credit card, debit card, and PayPal account. And the setup will start immediately after receiving the payment.
  • The 30-day money back guarantee is applicable only for the first signup. You are not eligible for money-back from next sign-ups.
  • No refund will be provided for domain registration/renewal/transfer, Control Panel, cPanel, Paid Support, Dedicated Server, SSL Certificates, Windows OS, Webuzo, Plesk, VPS, SQL, Cloud, Windows OS, and any other paid licenses.
  • We refund the money of hosting only in case the client gets continuous technical issues with our hosting services.
  • No refund will be made if your website/services are suspended or terminated for cause.
  • The refund request must be justified with valid technical issues faced by the client due to hosting services.
  • The setup fees, any kind of taxes, refund processing fees or any kind of bank or payment processing fees will not be covered under the refund. There will be no refunds issued in case of violation of our terms of service or after 30 days period.
  • If the web hosting plan includes a free domain name, and you cancel the hosting service, the domain name charges (standard rate as per website) would be deducted from your refund amount. And if the refund amount is less than the price of the domain name, you’ll have to pay the difference or forfeit the domain name. In case of failure to pay the difference amount, the domain name will be retained by MyWebMate.
  • For any refund requests placed after the period of 30-days will not eligible for getting any refunds.
  • After accepting the refund request, it takes 5-10 business days to process the refund.

Discounts on Web Hosting

MyWebMate often offers discounts to customers. These offers are limited period offer and they are valid for first term only. On renewals, the discounted rate won’t be applicable. After the first term, the hosting will automatically get renewed at the regular rate.

Abuse of Resources

Any attempts caused by the users to cause harm or undermine any of our services are expressly prohibited. We are not in any way responsible for the use of our client’s accounts.  Any activity that causes harm to the resources and no action is taken to stop the activity, will lead to immediate deactivation of account with no refund.

If any of our clients is in any disrespectful towards any of the members of MyWebMate, we have full rights to remove/suspend those clients from our services without any refund.

Prohibited content includes, but not limited to:

Any automated bots

Hate Sites

Warez Sites


We don’t create or host any website that is illegal

Unsolicited commercial e-mail/Unsolicited bulk e-mail (SPAM)

Use of our service to transmit any unsolicited bulk e-mail or unsolicited commercial is STRICTLY prohibited. Violation of this SPAM policy will result in penalties decided by MyWebMate.


Sending unsolicited emails, spamming from our servers or using email addresses that are maintained by MyWebMate is STRICTLY prohibited and will result into immediate deactivation without any refund. In such case,  MyWebMate will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision.


In case the customer’s account exceeds the bandwidth limit, we would inform the customer. But if the customer doesn’t wish to upgrade his account or purchase extra bandwidth and their website continues to exceed the limit, then we reserve the right to suspend the customer’s account until the customer upgrades the account or take measures to ensure the bandwidth limit would not exceed again, whichever is earlier. Once resolved, the suspended account will be activated in the next month.

Account Verification

If the client fails to complete the account verification process then no refund would be provided to such clients under any circumstances.

Backup Policy

You agree to take a back-up of all your user content so that you can access it in future whenever required. MyWebMate doesn’t warrant to back-up any user content or account, and you agree to accept the risk of loss of any or all of your user content.

We take daily backup of database with a retention period of 7 days, of the clients who have subscribed for the paid backup service. Complete website backup is taken weekly with a retention period of 1 day. Any of the backup copies maintained by MyWebMate doesn’t include emails or media files.

Uptime Guarantee

Any downtime or service interruption during the scheduled maintenance by MyWebMate will not be counted towards the uptime guarantee. MyWebMate is not liable for any failure of third party services.

MyWebMate offers 99.95% uptime guarantee but this not fully guaranteed, this is because we carry various updates and upgradations as part of our maintenance.

MyWebMate will not be liable for any delay or failure of performing its obligations due to unavoidable circumstances, including acts of any governmental body, flood, fire, sabotage, war, insurrection, strike, embargo, or other labour disturbances, delay or interruption in transport, failure of third-party software or hardware,  interruption of, unavailability or delay in telecommunication or third-party service, inability to obtain supplies, power used in, raw materials or equipment needed provision of services.


It is your responsibility to make sure there is no misuse of your account. And you must take measures to ensure that unauthorized users do not gain access to your account. Also, you may not use your account to breach the security of other’s account or to gain unauthorized access to another server or network.

Your password will provide access to login to your account. And it is your responsibility to keep your password confidential and safe.

Sharing your account details and password with unauthorized users is not recommended. It is your responsibility to prevent others from using your account since you’ll be responsible for any consequences.

PHP mail function is disabled on all our servers. So, if you wish to send emails from your website or contact forms, you’ll have to use the SMTP authentication.

Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to suspend, cancel, or refuse service at our sole discretion. MyWebMate also reserves the right to change/modify the terms of service at any time. All the new and existing customers would be bound by the new terms published on the site.

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