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How To Earn Money From Home As A Tutor through Online Tutoring?

Every single individual would love the prospect of working at the comfort of their homes and earning a substantial amount in return. Home tutoring or Online tutoring is one such way in which you could earn by tutoring students at your own convenient location.

In Home tutoring, you can pay attention to one student or to a small group of students, who gather at a particular geographical location.  But in online tutoring, you could teach any number of students in your own country or across the globe while sitting at your home or office. In order to start your online tutoring journey, you should have your own website to reach your potential audience.

If you have a wonderful teaching experience and the right skills along with the appropriate technology you could start your online tutoring sessions right away and earn anywhere between $15 -$100 or more per hour.

According to studies conducted by GIA, more than 90% of private tutoring is demanded by Asia-Pacific countries, US and Europe.

India is known to be the dominator in online tutoring by providing their services at an affordable rate serving especially to the US. As the global conditions start improving and unemployment rate starts reducing, the demand for tutoring will continue to grow.

How to Reach the Potential Clients for your online tutoring business?

Presently, tutoring is one of the most competitive business in the industry. E-tutoring business has even fierce competition as you compete with many different tutors not only from your country but across the globe as well.

As a result, no matter what kind of tutoring services you offer you have to promote your business successfully. For this, you do not have to spend an adverse amount as there are simpler methods to advertise, which requires a limited budget.

Traditional Methods

The traditional way includes advertising your online tutoring business on brochures, flyers, posters or local newspapers. You should be able to target your right audience, which in case of tutoring is students and parents. If you are planning to advertise by giving away flyers, brochures or sticking posters.

You could reach your potential audience at the following locations:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Popular student areas

Digital Method

You could reach parents and students online by simply improving your presence online. Many of your target customers will already be searching for tutoring services online. Two of the most important ways to make yourself known to potential customers online include:

  • Creating your own website
  • Blog   

Why Does Your Tutoring Business Need  A Website?

When you move away from working for agencies and becoming independent through the tutoring business, you will definitely require a website. WordPress, one of the most popular systems, presently, could be used in order to run your website.

  • Showcase your wonderful service through your online portfolio

A website will help you reach your audience by detailing what you could offer and who you are. Through this website you could introduce yourself to your target customers by listing your achievement, subjects you teach, your contact information and rate per hour rate or package, etc. Through your website, your tutoring services will be accessible to your actual clients and potential clients at all times whether you are online or not.

  • Add credibility and reach global audience – 

When you have your own website for your tutoring business your tutoring business will start gaining credibility. Since many people around the world use the internet to purchase goods and services, they will definitely come across what you have to offer and If you do not have a website your competitors who do have will receive the upper hand by gaining more students.

Pro Tip: Make your website look professional by redesigning it once in a while, and this will be a great advantage for your small-scale tutoring service.  

  • Cheap way to advertise your business worldwide –

Furthermore, having a website is a way to save money. When you compare advertising on newspaper with a website, the website is better because not only is it cheap but you have the opportunity to reach a wider market. Potential clients from all over the world may view your website and be interested in the tutoring service you offer and may turn out to be your customer too.  

  • Showcase your achievements and unique teaching methods –

You can include your portfolio where your achievements and awards are included. Furthermore, you could demonstrate how exactly you teach and what makes you unique and why students and parents should choose your tutoring service.

  • Save your time in explaining your service and gathering students –

    Besides, you could save your time when you use a website. If you are looking forward to informing your customers about your service through an email, brochure, face-to-face, it really consumes most of your time. By using a website to showcase your services you do not waste your time because when your website is running, your potential clients can view your website whenever they want, saving your precious time.

  • Manage your students from a single platform –

    A website helps you to  manage all your students, their attendance, fees, holidays, etc. online from a single platform. So, it will be much easier to manage a number of students and their records through your website.

Things you should include on your tutoring service website:  

  • Services Offered –

    These include the list of services offered by you, say for example, the subjects you teach, your expertise, achievements, years of experience, etc.

  • Contact Details –

    You should also include your contact information. The ideal information would be your email id or your phone number.

  • Testimonial –

    It is better if you also have customer testimonials on your website, as this will act as a proof and indicate your high-quality tutoring service. Not only that, this will definitely attract more students and parents to start tutoring sessions under you.   

Pro Tip: By offering your students a short free trial, say 30 mins, you can showcase your teaching skills which the students might like and get encouraged to join your course.

By creating a website and including the important points like for instance the services offered by you, you will start reaching not only your potential customers from your country but worldwide too. It is best if you create your website today to succeed in your tutoring business.

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